Why Traditional Health And Fitness MLM Pay Plan Sucks

Are you sick and tired of hearing the same motivational quotes from your upline so that you remain a distributor in their MLM company? This is the simplest thing you can do, anybody can do it! Just remain enthusiastic and NEVER quit! If you quit, you will never be a winner. If you are a winner you will never quit!I believe that motivation is a crucial factor in to help people persevere through the hard times. However, I also believe that if you persevere in a compensation system that is way too slow to see any results, you are wasting too much of your time and money.Despite having your upline unintentionally LIE TO YOU by telling you that this opportunity is the best in the entire universe, you have to decide whether that is true for yourself. After following exactly what your upline said you must ask yourself if the compensation was worth the amount of stress and embarrassment you went through when trying to force your opportunity down a strangers throat.For 90% of you reading this, it probably was not worth it. Here is a typical pay plan with a health and fitness MLM I was involved with a few years back.If you want to be making $60K, you need at least 18 downline who buy at least $810 worth of the MLM products EVERY MONTH. So you are moving $14,580 worth of products in a month with a 34% commission. But that is in the perfect world.Realistically, most people you recruit do about half of $810 or even less. So realistically you have to recruit about fifty downline before you reach an annual income of $60,000. Additionally, you will have to talk to thousands, or at best hundreds of fresh new people before you can even recruit 50 downline.Whew, that is a lot of work! On top of that, it is difficult to convert households into a pure MLM household because of the EXPENSIVE products they have.It is good, but too damn expensive and I can get that same stuff down at Costco for more than 50% the price! I mean have you seen how expensive their so called superior supplements are?!? I can get the same health products at about one third the price directly from a website on the internet!Sure your sponsor will try to convince you that you are supporting your own business because you are purchasing from your own store! But Cmon! 90% of the people do not care! Especially with the much lower cost options I mentioned.Fitness and Health MLM distributors always argue that their stuff is higher quality, but EVERYTIME I certainly did not notice. And most importantly, your prospects will not notice. The ingredients are very similar, but with a 50% increase in price for the same product!I too also tried to justify the expensive price with the so called superiority of the products, but prospects could care less. The truth is, there are much easier and faster ways of making a six figure income than traditional MLM. Now the next part you have to find out is whether it is legit or illegal.

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